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Annual Reports

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Bogart Communications assists companies in developing their shareholder annual reports.  It can play a turnkey role or participate at various stages in  conceptualizing, drafting and commenting on company-produced drafts and production.

Jeff Bogart is the author of “Preparing Annual Reports,” published as a chapter in The Handbook of Executive Communication (Dow Jones/Irwin).  Examples of his annual report work include: 

  • For a utility company, concept development and drafting, including a special section on economic development. For a chemicals conglomerate, concept development, drafting, including a special section on product development, and overseeing the design. 

  • For a software company, concept development, drafting, including capsule case histories highlighting products in use, and working with the company's designer. 

  • For an apparel manufacturer emerging from bankruptcy, an expanded 10-K wrap, including pages featuring its clothing lines, and overseeing the design. 

  • For a telecommunications company, drafting, including a review of operations in the U.S., Europe and Australia. For an innovative instrument manufacturer, drafting, including an essay on the market for its product and a series of case histories.

  • For a South American consumer products manufacturer with ADRs listed on the New York Stock Exchange, extensive line editing of the English-language translation of its annual report.

Click here to see Annual Report examples

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