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19460 Cromwell Court, #106, Fort Myers, FL 33912 \ Phone: 917-608-3477

Bogart Communications assists corporations, professional services firms, and nonprofits to plan, manage and execute strategic communications programs. These programs help overcome the disadvantages of scale, improve an organization's competitive edge and advance its development, marketing and public interest objectives.

Today's stock market and business operating environment test the ability of senior managers to broaden public awareness and appreciation of their companies' investment potential, products and services and positions on public issues. We invite you to find out more About Us, look at our Services and then Contact Us to learn how we can help you meet these business challenges.

"You were the only public relations operative I'd ever met who could produce positive national exposure at a moment's notice at a fair price.  The same applied to annual reports and other communications tools. . . .” --Vice President, United Illuminating Co.

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