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Perception Studies

Bogart Communications provides custom investor relations research, including design, execution and interpretation of in-depth, qualitative, open- and closed-ended surveys of carefully selected buy- and sell-side samples. The results find use in program development and evaluation and in preparation of annual reports, factbooks, financial presentations.  The research draws on more than thirty five years of financial relations experience.


After conference calls and investor meetings, Bogart also samples participants to provide corporate management with investor reaction and insights for use in future communication.

“The investor relations survey has been successful beyond our earlier expectations.  The results of the program enabled us to focus on a wide variety of assumptions that we had made concerning Wall Street perceptions of the Company.  We were able to plan a rational course of action based on confirmation or dismissal of concepts that we had speculated on for many years.  Thank you for your good work..”  -- Damson Oil CorpEnter supporting content here

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